There are a number of natural ways to treat bv miracle which avoid the use of antibiotics and harsh over the counter creams and gels. Although a doctor is often the first port of call for a woman suffering from this embarrassing condition, conventional treatment is not necessarily the best option as although antibiotics can quickly relieve the symptoms, this is usually short- lived with repeated outbreaks often happening within weeks. Bacterial vaginosis is not caused by an infection, but is an imbalance of the naturally occurring bacteria which normally resides without problem. When the PH level of the vagina becomes disrupted and shifts from its usual acidic level to an alkaline one, this supports the growth of harmful bacteria which causes the foul, fishy odor and watery discharge.

Natural ways to treat BV involve restoring balance within the vagina. This can be done by supplementing the good bacteria and eliminating the overgrowth of harmful bacteria. Probiotics are an excellent way of “upping” the levels of good bacteria and these can be taken orally or live probiotic yogurt can be introduced into the vagina via a tampon. To eliminate harmful bacteria, you can try using tea tree oil. A few drops added to a nightly bath can help. You can also buy pessaries which can work over a period of time to restore balance.

Other natural ways to treat BV include reassessing your washing habits. Contrary to popular belief, BV can be caused by too much washing rather

than not enough. You should aim to wash your vaginal area no more than

twice a day and avoid using perfumed products which can strip the delicate

vaginal lining of its natural lubricants.